Princesse Léa

Ladies and... well, ladies,

A quick post tonight for a quick LO I made! But before I start, I wanted to thank you for your wishes, I do feel better (I still have that cold but I won't let it get me down soooo, back in the scraproom!).

I used a sketch from "Sketchy Thursdays" and I felt quite inspired! I hope I can still enter the challenge, but that's not even sure ahah!

Anyway, I used pictures of my cherished niece... all dressed up for my brother's wedding last year!

I am pretty happy with the result because, for once, I managed to shake things up a little!

See for yourself:

Wow, the orange letters are not that stark/bold in real life lol.

And a few close-ups:

Man, poor colours, aren't they?! But since I've been working, it seems I'm never home during daylight! But worry not, I do look through the window sometimes at work!! (There is a HUGE building in front of mine, but I can see some sky... Plus, I like to look out and see what the people in front of us do!)

Oh... and... isn't her dress GORGEOUS??? My fiancé brought it back from Canada when he came to France for the wedding (I say "he" because I left Canada before him to see my family and help out...).

Wait a sec, Gaston the kitty cat wants to climb! Oh well, away he is gone!!

So, back to our usual categories:


* The huge roses. Some people might say it's an easy way to embellish a page, but I find them quite hard to place right! I think it's the first time I manage to put them right in the middle of a LO. I was getting desperate because my "sheets" of chipboard are nearly full!

* You can't see it much but I did some REAL sewing with my mini cutie sewing machine... it's NOT straight AT all but everything can't be perfect the first time! And I'm sure it will be fun to remember in a few years.

* The fact that I didn't follow the LO to the letter... It's hard for me to step out of my comfort zone!

* Oh, and it's the first time I FINALLY use the border sheet from this collection! I always use the B side!


* The huge chipboard flowers! I've had them for quite some time now...
* The big rhinestones

Well, thanks for having stopped by! And sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures (bad bad winter... there's not even snow in here!!).

See you later!!! :)


7 commentaires:

  1. I like how you flipped the sketch over to fit your photos. It looks great!

  2. Beautiful page and I love your take on the sketch - it is a beautiful dress. Know what you mean about leaving and getting home in the dark!

  3. Gorgeous! Love how you flipped the sketch. What a pretty dress! And I love the big roses. The perfect touch!

  4. Gorgeous work, such a great LO.

    Liza x

  5. I LOVE this layout!!! Those flowers look fantastic and you're right, her dress is beautiful!