International clocks


Today, I decided to share with you a little bit of home decor, instead of a page again!

Don't be too excited but you are going to see a wall of my kitchen!!! (Ahah) Since I live in Canada, I come from France and my fiancé (looove saying this word) is from Tunisia, we decided it was only fair to have several clocks: one for each country. And to make sure we know which one is which, I spelled the names out of chipboard letters.

So here is the wall:

And now, close-ups on the letters!

I realized now that I haven't erased all the pencil lines, I need to do that now!

So, here is how I made the letters:

1) Used chipboard letters I bought at my LSS
2) Covered them with black ink (I used common ink since I didn't have Stazon at the time)
3) Covered my stamp with Top Boss Watermark (the stamp is from Magenta but I can't find it)
4) Applied the stamp on the wet black ink (kissing technique)
5) Let the letters sit to dry but they wouldn't dry after two to three day so I applied clear embossing powder and I heat set them
6) Applied Glue Dots at the back and voilà !

Hope you like the result, thanks for stopping by :)


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