Hello everyone,

I hope your week started well! Mine was all good :) I worked, went grocery shopping, played with the cat... The usual. On Monday though, my day at work felt sooo long... It happens sometimes, maybe because the task you're handling is not quite as interesting as the ones you usually do... But don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE my job (I work with amazing people too), so one long day is quite fine if you ask me!

Today, I am not sharing a page but some pics of my scraproom. It's not as elaborate or decorated as some other rooms you may find, but it's my own space and I feel good in it! I might decorate it as I go, now that I'm okay with the way it's organized. I bought some wooden letters, it's a start.


Do you know any quick, simple and beautiful ways to "expose" your LOs (on the wall or whatever)? I would like to hang some of mine and be able to change them easily... Any suggestions?

So, here it is!!

I wonder if anyone has a craft space without
having an Expedit!! We have books and stuff
and I put my albums, it also holds my stamps,
rhinestones and stickers now :) Oh and some of my paper too

My desk and shelves! Totally reorganized those!
I have heaps of stuff on them: inks... more inks...
punches, some embossing power, go to tools,
pens, and so on!

This little basket is always on my right. It holds some paint
stuff, all of my Thickers and my Big shot accessories

View from the doorway! Love that Ikea

Another Ikea rail with embossing powders, ribbons,
templates, chipboard die cuts and paint!

The box where I spray my mist! And OF COURSE, the cat!
I can't be in my scraproom without him following me around :)

Well, that would be it for now! I'll update as soon as I decorate!

Have a great day and thanks for having a look at my room :) I hope you share yours!


4 commentaires:

  1. Nice scrap space! I have all my things crammed into a small closet and dresser that we use as a credenza in our home office. Someday I'll have a space of my very own. :-)

  2. Love the scrap space. I bought a couple small easels at Michaels that have worked to display a few layouts.

  3. great scrap space!

    i bought some shadow boxes at michael's and they are supper easy! they are almost always on sale

  4. Joh, your room looks great! I don't have an Expedite, but I do have a large bookshelf :) Does your cat ever get spray mist on him? Haha! I've seen people use a clothesline to hang their layouts on in their rooms. That might be cute!

    About your question, the round thing in my picture is a Rolodex. I have a post about it here: