Hello ladies,

First of all, let me wish you the very best for this new year. May it be filled with success, love and everything you could wish for... Particularly for those of you who had a rough 2011 (but for the others too).

Even if last year was not bad for me, I am hoping to do better this year... To stop wanting and start acting... Seems simple, but it's quite hard for me (dunno why, it's in me I guess).

For this new year, I am going to show you the very first LO I made in 2012 (I didn't create a whole lot anyway... just 2!). I had a stack of pictures that featured the same event (my birthday last year), but I didn't know how to arrange them... Then, I saw this LO from Amy Tangerine and  I thought it would be a perfect starting point. I loved how she mixed the textures, the stripes and the stamping. Some of you may know that I love stamping but I never know how to incorporate it well, and here, it seemed perfect! Then, I "pushed the LO further" by creating kind of a "mini" book with the pictures. I only put tags inside to decorate since I thought the paper was "heavy" and beautiful enough.

But, let me show you the result:

And here are a few close-ups

Handmade flower I made using some white lace,
pink distress stain and a big button

This should be on the other side!

This too..... But you can see the stamping

See how it opens up to make
sort of a mini book


* The white lace
* The stamps!!!!
* The buttons


* I took a LO that I used as a "basic sketch" and I made it mine... And I feel like it worked!
* I am really happy I created this flower. At first, I just wanted to use the lace, but it was curling up as I was applying the distress stain, so it made me think of this!
* I included 7 photos and it's not too bulky or too busy


See my 2Peas gallery for a list of some of the supplies used

Thanks for having stopped by :)


9 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful - love all the strips and the white paint...and that there are even more photos hidden away :)

  2. Very clever layout stacking the photos. I also like your post where you detail what you used and what you liked. TFS!

  3. I am a stash user these days. Your layout is wonderful. I really like your handmade flower.

  4. I love the paint splatters and the handmade flower.

  5. I love this layout! I love how you made a mini-album within the layout. Very creative!

  6. love the paint and strips...fabulous!