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Hello everybody,

I am amazed at how many posts I wrote this week! Aren't you?

Today is  a special day because I get to go vote for out new president. In France, everyone gets to vote and it happens in two turns. The first turn, we vote for whoever got signatures from 500 mayors and then, in two weeks, we'll be voting for one of the two "finalists". Anyway, even if I live in Canada, I get to go voting.

Anyway, enough with the seriousness, let's get scrappy (not that it's any less serious). I played with another one of Shimelle's challenges: "Challenge 5: Inspiration Points". Shimelle presented a great page by Wilna F. and we had to use it as an inspiration.

So, here is my take on it:

And a few close-ups:

See the round blue thingie, I made it
myself... Wow :p

Used some dies by Kési'Art. Finally some
French stuff!

And I stamped, I stamped, I stamped...


* I kept the idea of a picture taking the whole width, but I used two pics instead of one
* I used the idea of the white butterflies on white background
* I clustered on the left


* Some of the stamps ("love", "cherish")
* The butterfly punch is getting "old" and I think I finally used it enough to say that I "got the best out of it"... I mean that I used it enough to say that it's not an expensive purchase anymore. I don't know how to say it in English raaaaaaaah, I hate that!
* In general, I've had this paper in my stash for a while because it's the one I use to scrap my brother's wedding pics :)


* I stamped... And several times with that!
* I used my Big Shot quite a lot :) And I am happy I used those dies because I must admit that I hadn't seen how expensive they were before I got home... So I need to use them big time!
* I like that I made my own embellish. I had made it for another LO but hadn't used it. And I'm glad I thought about it whe making this one!!
* I like how I took a LO and made it my own :)

See you soon and have a great weekend!!!


2 commentaires:

  1. So pretty! I love those white butterflies on the white paper!

  2. The photos are so sweet! And I love all your embellishments!